The soul of a Spanish winter.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Barcelona was one of the most surprisingly beautiful places we went, in my opinion. But not for the reasons you may think. When we were in Paris everything was beautiful, the statues, the gold, the buildings, almost like every single thing had be put through a beauty filter. But Barcelona had something organic, it wasn’t so much the buildings or monuments (of which there were plenty), it was the feel, and the light.

Everything gave off a blue hue, even in the dead of a Spanish Winter the light was welcoming and the air was fresh with just slightest hint of warmth.

Strolling along the Rambla Del Mar, which is essentially an extension of La Rambla by way of an over water walkway which juts into the water in the Harbour. The termination of La Rambla is this harbour with its billion dollar white yachts and the beautiful people who own them.

Rambla Del Mar is a modern, and possibly abstract take on a classic blue/aquatic fragrance. Fresh enough for Men and yet sweet enough for women. This take could arguably be called more of a herbal, but its blue enough to be considered Aqua.

It embodies the soul of La Rambla, Barcelona. Its fun, and fresh, whilst embedding the slightest warmth and bursting with shades of blue and green, the colours of a Spanish winter with a just a touch of sunshine.

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